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Comment by Trevor PresentlyInAshFork
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Oh no, not more platitudes from the "environmentalists". Listen, we know the deal, there's no such thing as the "environment" or the "atmosphere", such quaint notions have been identified as the invention of Al Gore who just wants to sell carbon-offset assets.

The fact is that only clean burning propane and propane related accessories can cook and cure otherwise lethal pathogens that are hiding in the food you eat every day. And that's certainly where we "have a bone to pick" with evolutionists. Man was created apart from the animals and we can only process USDA inspected prime meats to remain healthy.

Only clean burning propance can sear the outside of meat at a high enough temerature to leave the inside mouth-watering raw and bloody, insuring that it's safe to eat.

Overall, any of our scientists will tell you that the sun or so-called "solar enegery" has absolutely NOTHING to do with the raising of all-American pure USDA prime beef so the whole argument is prima-fascia void.

Just more liberal lies as far as we're concerned.

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