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Comment by Matt Schnackenberg
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That is only if birthrates  keep declining and life expectancy doesnt keep increasing. If in 75 years people can live to be 150, there will still be more than 7 billion on earth if birthrates decrease at a stead pace. Also, if birthrates increase again, based on stronger economies and financial stability for families, we will hit well over 15 billion like its expected if the economic crisis and wars end.

Comment by Anonymous
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These anti-population guys are just disconnected from the truth and too far removed from reality.

Scaremongering that overpopulation would destroy the world is propagated and spread by what some demographers described as "antisocial freaks" whose agenda profit from projecting the dark side of reality. At the same time, the apprarently mentally disturbed also benefit from it by writing about their fear of an imagined population explosion, as a form of therapy. They are seen in websites and blogsites as if by publishing this claustrophobia or fear of overcrowded space, global shortage of drinking water and food, there is hope that this kind of worsening anti-population neurosis could be cured. This includes this fear of immigration invasion and the so-called "exponential" population increase at the current birth rate when they lie [global birth rate is not increasing but declining] by doing a kindergarten Math or arithmetical hocus-pocus from Mars.

Our reading public needs immediate relief from imbibing this anti-population poison that burns the mind of the innocent and the ignorant. The evil lie behind it is meant to attract immediate attention, primarily for the purpose of creating a worldwide panic that serves the agenda of vested interest in the dark side of population control.

Read more … Learn how safe and secure this planet is. Go to this expose’ that answers the question why population-scaremongers are so disconnected from the truth and far-removed from reality.

The Global Population: Claustrophobics Would Kill For Space And Food Shortage

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