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Job #1 of the President of the United States, after defending the Constitution, is to protect and defend the Nation and it's people! President Obama has been a failure in this regard, so the question one would have to ask when analyzing the curre

Reported By Michael Haltman

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Are you suggesting that a requirement to be President of the United States is to advocate for war with Iran?

Just wondering.

Comment by Venancio Tan
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The question should be … Will millions of Americans change their mind that Ron Paul is "unelectable"?

The question -- Is Ron Paul fit to be President -- is off the wall. The possibility that he is fit to be President is even poorer than that of a Chinaman’s chance. It is like asking if the crow will turn white [Bakadude].


Comment by Ed Price
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There are millions of sports fans in America. All you need do is look at all the sports stadiums. Look at their size. Look at the numbers of seats that are filled every game. Look at the tickets sold. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, when considering all the fans at home that are sitting behind the big -screen, watching the games.

Do sports fans ever change sides during the game? Are they untrue to their favorite team, whether it wins or loses? Basically, NO! They cheer their team on, no matter what the outcome of the game seems to be coming to.

Are there any sports fans who change sides, back and forth, during the game, just to be on the side of the team that appears to be winning? If there are such traitors as this, they don't tell their sports-loving buddies what they are doing. If they did, they would be booed right out of their friendships.

Standing up for morals and ethics of life and the nation, by voting for a candidate that is righteous in his platform, is something that is way more important that cheering for your favorite team. Moral and ethical voters do not jump ship, switch sides, change their minds day by day, based on who they think the winner of the Presidential race might be. Doing so would be akin to committing suicide. If you do this, you might as well be untrue to everything in your life.

Encourage your fellow voters by standing up and voting for what is right, even if you are on the losing team.

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