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Comment by Paul Farris
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In the final analysis, since Obamessiah, Romney, Cain, Newt, ad naseum, are all interchangeable war party establishment puppets, Paul could continue to advance the message of freedom and liberty by teaming up with Jesse in a Ventura/Paul 3rd party (Libertarian) ticket. He would certainly avoid the dozen or so 'sore loser' state laws by running as Ventura's vice-president, since he would not be running for the same office after having sought the GOP presidential nomination and exposing the GOP for what it truly is. 

Comment by Venancio Tan
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Here’s another sleep-talking fan from Ron Paul’s dream-world fantasy.

This fantasizing follower believes in his dream-world that GOP will nominate Ron Paul for president, and eventually will win the election and will become the next President.

Of course in the real world, this will happen only when the crow turns white.

Comment by Ed Price
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Everybody knows that it is God who really determines who the winner will be. Some thoughts why God may or may not pull the strings in favor of Ron Paul. Some things God Considers.

1. God answers prayer. He even answers the prayers of the devil - Satan - as can be seen in the beginning of the book of Job in the Bible. So, what is Ron Paul really asking for in his heart?

2. Do Americans deserve someone as good as Ron Paul? Americans (on an individual basis rather than as a whole) have killed off more Americans that all the other countries in all the wars combined. What I am talking about is abortions, which are nearing the mid-50 millions.

3. God is merciful. Even though people in general don't deserve anything good, God gives them good, to show that He is good - to uphold His wonderful, mighty name among them.

4. There are multitudes of faithful people among Americans at this time. Although God is angrier than all get-out at the abortion thing, for the sake of His true followers, He is going to make this America nation thing work. He might do it in any number of ways. But He will make it work. It is not His idea to destroy it. However, we need to prove that we are on God's side by getting up and fighting the evil in America.

5. In Revelation chapter 19, we see Jesus the Warrior, riding on a white horse. With righteousness He judges and makes war. Whatever things God does in America, He judges and makes war with righteousness. The 2012 election is God's.

Comment by George Voit
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Indeed, Ron Paul dreamers are floating in the air. A Paul-dreamer prays that God will make Ron Paul President to save America.

No way, Jose. This candidate wants to recreate America "into something it could never be" [Bakadude], without a Central Bank, without income tax, killing America’s international leadership by staying at home, etc. That will destroy America. So in a religious sense, God WILL NEVER help anyone who wants to destroy America. Instead, He will banish this destroyer to oblivion like how He banished Lucifer into the world of darkness.


Comment by Bernard Earlington
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Huh, he .. he .. Voit. I know that you are always serious as I read your previous comments, but I didn’t know that you can also be funny. In this debate, those "Ron Paul dreamers" are going kaput. They are now seeking the aid of Divine Providence to make Ron Paul the next President of the United States!

I learned from you for the first time that donkeys maliciously mistaken as Ron Paul rah-rah boys could pray to make him President! [Joke only, not meant to disparage anyone.] I consider it a bad move.

They shouldn’t have done that because instead, this calls for God’s attention to banish Ron Paul who wants to destroy America into the "world of darkness". They should have remained silent for their own good.

Anyway, your religious joke is profound, good for now depressed Ron Paul supporters as his withdrawal from the GOP presidential nomination race nears [as predicted].


Comment by Ed Price
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God doesn't always operate among nations the way we think he is operating.

Several major nations that rose up and then declined and fell, at least as world powers:

Ancient Babylon

Three other nations that maintain a certain congruity while not really remaining the nation that they seem to be:
These nations have been turned upside down, inside out, over the history of the world, so that they have really been many different nations over time, even though they maintain the same name among us.

Yet, in all this, it was God who moved to build a nation, and then it was God who moved to destroy it. Often (not always) the change that God made was in response to both verbal and non-verbal requests from all kinds of people, both those who know Him and those who don't, those who knew that they were requesting and to those who didn't.

Consider Saint Paul in Acts 17:26 (NIV)
"From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live."

How is it that God determines where you live? If you decide to get up and move to Chicago, and you make your plans and do it, wasn't it YOU who did it... not God? In reality, everything that you did was only a request to God, even though you do not know it. It was God who granted you success in your move.

God acts the same way with nations. He acts the same way with Presidents and dictators. He does it for His own reasons, which are at times answers to the direct and indirect requests made by the people.

Because of all the above, nobody really knows what the outcome of the election will be. Not even the voting machine hackers. But if the hackers work very diligently in their hacking request of God, God just might grant their request.

So it is for the rest of us. Let us request of God in every way that we can, that He grant our requests, both in who will win the 2012 Presidential race, and in everything else in life.

Comment by Ken Sutter
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The Republicans WANT another 4 years of Obama. Thus, they won't nominate Paul. Paul will form the thrid party, the vote will be split and Obama rules again. Plus, you folks seem to forget who counts the votes. Honest elections don't exist. Doc  

Comment by George Voit
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Fantasy getting worse?


How bad can fantasy screw up the mind and remove it from reality? This sleep-walker in Ron Paul’s “dream-world” invokes the power of prayer. He believed that if anybody “requests” God, it shall be granted.  He is requesting God to make Ron Paul win the election for President. His prayer:Let us request of God in every way that we can, that He grant our requests, both in who will win the 2012 Presidential race, and in everything else in life.”  You can read this below.


Okay then, let’s us enter their world of prayers. Let’s not forget that in that 911 terrorist attacks, Ron Paul declared terrorists not at fault and castigated America for its presence in the Middle East; on record, he blamed the American people for that infamy and had made himself the mouthpiece of Osama bin Laden.


Based on this candidate’s infamous record, your prayer and mine are very simple for God to grant: God, bless Ron Paul and his handful of die-hard followers the best of health and fortune, but save the United States of America from them. God, you may bless Ron Paul a healthy mind from here on but please Lord, don’t ever make him President!


Dear Lord, grant us this prayer in behalf of more than three hundred million Americans in this country today who gravely threatened by escalating terrorist activities, may be gone tomorrow. For the sake of their security and safety, protect us.


We know that Osama bin Laden is dead but Ron Paul speaks for his cause to destroy America. Oh Lord, save this nation in Christ's name! Amen.



Comment by Bernard Earlington
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GV, a while ago you were funny, and now you are dead serious. You joined Ron Paul followers in prayer of your own, to save America from them.


No matter how funny serious you are, it’s still an amusing joke for me, but let me join you in your prayer. Who knows, according to VT, the crow might turn white!



Comment by Ed Price
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Let's examine the real G.V. prayer. The real G.V. prayer doesn't have anything to do with a formal outward request regarding the winner of any nomination or political office, or even that God protect the nation. Rather, it has to do with a semi-hidden challenge to God - one probably not even recognized by the challenger for what it is - submitted through an outward mockery of prayer and of God.

Should such a prayer be answered by God? God doesn't want to answer that prayer. Why not? Because the answer will show the mocker the One Who is really in control. And it will not go well for the mocker.

Rather, God's desire for the mocker is that he (she?) turn from his mocking ways, and acknowledge the strength, power, righteousness, and complete control of God. Doing this just might cancel out the mocking prayer, cancelling it with a right kind of prayer, before it is too late for the mocker.

Comment by George Voit
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PureTrust, I am sure your prayer is no good. Wait until God will make your candidate quit. It won’t be long now, and out he goes. Mark my words.


Comment by Ed Price
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Thank you, G.V.. You are starting to learn.

What does all this have to do with Ron Paul being in a political race, or being elected to a political office? It has to do with the, at times political, methods that God uses to correct His people.

In the book of Job in the Bible, we see that God answered two wicked prayers of Satan by allowing Satan to work problems in Job's life. Yet, God's allowance was not evil. Why not? Because Job, as we see in his discussions with his friends, was moving towards self-righteousness - away from God righteousness - thereby asking for the same things that Satan was asking for, even though he (Job) didn't realize it.

In many ways our nation is like Job. It has many Godly people in it. Yet often these Godly people are turning towards their own self-righteousness rather than remaining in God's righteousness.

God may allow the current wicked Government to drag the people further into slavery, almost in the way that he allowed Satan to temporarily bring problems into Job's life. But just as Job's problems had an end, it might be that the Ron Paul's of the nation are being raised up by God as an end to the current wicked regime, and as an end to the peoples' problems.

Or do you really think that the people are not suffering as Job did - like, under foreclosures and loss of their kids' lives in the Middle East police actions, harmful though legal drugs inflicted by the FDA, the whole banking system siphoning off the labor of the people to be used for evil around the world, to say nothing about how we are slipping away from freedom further into slavery every day, and foolish friends who continually blame people not in power for the problems?

Ron Paul is limited in the ways he can affect people through his Governmental office. It is the people who are in the powerful positions that are making the problems for the population. After all, they are the ones in power, not Ron Paul. Do you really want more of the same? It is what you seem to be asking for.

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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Sounds to me that the Ron Paul detractors  are very uninformed about Ron's 30+ year PRO-Constiutional activities who don't do their research or are working for Media Matters as Homer Simpsons in an attempt to keep the best hope we have for salvaging the USA from it's internal attack. An internal attack that has been going on since at least 1913, when Dems gave us the 'Federal' Reserve, the 'progressive' income tax & Gestapo IRS. . 

Libs, progs, Ds, the RNC leadership & other big govt socialists are afraid of Paul. They KNOW he is a threat to the tax payer funded gravy train they feast on in DC that Dr. Ron would end. The military industrial complex fears this as well. 

They have checked out Ron's record, read his writings, listened to Paul's speeches.. They know he has stayed on message, consistently & tirelessly working to restore Constitutional parameters for the fed govt & We The People for all those 30 years. 

That is why last time they worked to keep Paul down, like they have done to Gary Johnson this time. This is why though Ron is finally in the debates, Paul is given hardly any time to speak & why Johnson is shut out completely except for one debate. 


Comment by Anonymous
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I think you don’t get what GV was trying to tell you. Whatever you say about Ron Paul going to do this and that is of no use. Even your prayer that God will make him the next President is just a delirious fantasy that will never happen -- in Mr. Tan’s words -- even when the crow turns white.

You cannot accept reality – that Ron Paul is "unelectable"! You make the public suspects that you don’t understand what "unelectable" means.

Anyway, what are you crowing about? Nothing of what you are saying about Ron Paul as your hope of the land is going to happen. You are told to just wait until he quits the GOP nomination race as usual not for long… that’s just in the corner … then you all wake up to reality. You are all in a dreamland right now and you are wasting your time talking nonsense while hardly awake.


Comment by George Voit
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PureTrust, it is JV who is saying that you are talking nonsense, not me -- GV. Please direct your pipe to him, not to me. I don’t understand what you are talking anyway. I am just an ordinary mortal. When you say something that you alone understand, you are a genius far beyond what's normal.

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