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Comment by TL Winslow
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There goes Lyingman again. Israel never embraced democratic values? He means ISLAM not Israel. The rest is his usual paid b.s. If Israel lays down its weapons, it will be wiped out in days or weeks because of ISLAM.

Speaking of weapons, here's a nice video made by Palestinians showing their democratic values:

Hamas In Action Against Its Own People

Israel is an apartheid state? Wrong, it accepts Arabs Muslims as citizens as long as they accept the existence of Israel. Of course, that's only a tiny percentage, who are considered traitors by the sea of surrounding Muslims. Meanwhile in Muslim countries Jews are treated with open hate by govt. and people alike.

Israel Not An Apartheid State

What Islam Really Is - And How Our Leaders Have Betrayed Us In An Attempt to Appease It

 The Historyscoper's Islam Watch - fly with the eagles




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