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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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 A few years ago, I was talking while driving.  I got a voicemail.  The outgoing message had played.  I was leaving a message.  In the middle of my speaking, the outgoing message cranked up again.  I was sufficiently confused by this to drive through a red light.  Fortunately, both drivers in the cross street had read my face and waited.

Since then, I pull over to talk.

No law had to be passed.

No official had to lie.

Recently, I watched "Brain Games" on National Geographic.  They had a demonstration of multi-tasking.  The volunteer was certain he could do it.  He tried to answer a series of straightforward questions about totally common information while drivieng.  He couldn't.  According to the figures quoted on that documentary, only about 2% of all people can effectively multi-task.

The rest of us can't.

Each of us can "promote the general welfare" by recognising our own limitations.  Maybe the Germans have it right on the autobahn.  If what I've been told is true, no speed limits.  But if you have a wreck, it's your @$$!

Imposing individual responsibility from above is not a good idea when it's based on the truth.  When people are lying to do it, so much the worse.

Dennis Treybil


Comment by Ken Valentine
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 I was stopped at a traffic light early this year, and some doofus (who appeared to be texting-while-driving) crashed into the back of my truck so hard that he shoved me into the vehicle I was stopped behind. Result? One totaled pick up truck.

I got me first drivers licence 49 years ago, and in that time, I have driven nearly one Million miles.

That said, I do NOT feel comfortable using a cell phone while driving. If I get a call, I pull over to the side of the road.

However, banning cell phone use while driving is a STATE'S issue and none of the fedgov's business.


As for "Hands-free" cell phone use, (although I've no experience with it) I see it as little more than talking to a passenger while driving.

Either was, as I said, it's none of the fedgov's damn business.

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