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Comment by TL Winslow
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Yes, the Iraq War was a big mistake because history ignoramus GW Bush and his advisers didn't get that Iraq was filled with Sunnis and Shiites who hate each other to death and that one street wanted to torture and murder the next, and that Sodam Insane was actually doing a good job terrorizing them all into staying pat and stopping a horrible civil war. We removed him fast and easy, then couldn't pull out because the civil war started and our poor troops got caught in the middle, then the history ignoramuses in the Bush admin. stupidly believed that we could educate them into erecting a statue of George Washington and copying our Constitution and that if we also rebuild their country the war would stop.  Of course they were nuts, and our country wasted mucho blood and treasure.

Yes, this country is weaker than before 9/11, but still plenty strong enough to do what we should have done all along, namely, take care of the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN.  This time we should get the job done and pull out quick, and not return unless a genuine secular democratic republic invites us back on our terms, else they can stuff it.  If we had invaded Iran first, Iraq would have probably helped us, now we might have to face Iraq going Shiite and helping Iran, not to mention Afghanistan, another country we should have helped before the Taliban took over in the first place, and are now turning against us too.

Talking about presidents with knowledge of history, how about Newt Gingrich? He seems to have da knowledge, and although his personal past is full of dirty laundry, who cares when he's needed to run the country and steer it clear of major dangers?  The 2012 election is the Republican Party's to lose, and if they don't get behind him we might as well get used to another 4 years of Obama, who seems hell-bent on cutting Israel loose while letting the Muslim World get well and prepare the final attack, which we will be surely drawn into, along with virtually every other nation on Earth, only Frosty the Snowman in a deep cave in Antarctica will be halfway safe.  Either way, Israel is the focal point of world history from here on out, and all our fortunes depend on its fate, play Carmina Burana for me.

Study the modern Muslim World now and watch it do what I predicted:






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