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Comment by PureTrust
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Tis true, the National anthem isn't something to joke about. It reflects individual freedom, right? It is all about the freedoms that individuals have in America, and that our forefathers fought for.

However, if you take away the freedom to joke about the National Anthem, haven't you taken away the individual freedom guaranteed by the Government, freedom that is sung about in the National Anthem? If you do this, haven't you, in a serious, non-joking way, destroyed the National Anthem which is all about individual freedom? Haven't you destroyed it rather than just joked about it?

Comment by David Jackson
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      Speaking as an "inmate" of the state of Indiana - meaning that I am a resident, not yet a criminal - this is one of a dozen or so Washington gulags that every American who is remotely concerned with attempting to live (rear children) at some level of intelligent and thoughtful social interaction should avoid like slow agonizing death! That such a perverse "law" would even be considered is a pathetic indictment of the slightest likelihood that humans have evolved beyond the slime that spawned them, but not particularly a surprise, considering the source. (Those who haven't been so unfortunate as to have been subjected to the rampant stupidity of the mass of the ctizenry in Indiana should count themselves as amongst the most favored of God's children; they have dodged a bullet that so many have not!)

    It is difficult to explain to those who haven't been abused by "life" at the hands of the lunatic fringe who live in and run the state, but I can tell everyone - with a solemn sense of dread - that, having not lived in Indiana, they have been surely been blessed by whatever God(s) they believe in, and can thank their relatives for not being so misled or misinformed as to have settled in this subhuman dung heap!

     There are other states that have surely breeched the social contract that most Americans consider their birthright - Arizona is the most blatant example - but none that can even approach the ineptitude and perfidity that are at the very heart of what passes for "life" in the social backwater of wasted potential and humanity that calls itself "Indiana". Word to the wise:  Not only should you not even consider making a home in this place, you should fly over it or drive around it in your travels. There are a number of questionable locales in the world...There is no question here, except, perhaps, WHY?

    Don't be afraid; be VERY afraid!


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