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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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 I agree with the thrust of this article.

I would add that the arbitrary labels "left" and "right" associated with the two major parties are misleading, as is indicated by the slight difference in rankings for the left and the R.E.  For both left and "right", economics, civil liberties and foreign policy get bad marks.  Hence, giving diametrically opposite labels to entities that are only slightly different is the point of departure from fact or reality.

Anybody who even tries to stick close to the Constitution is bound to run afoul of pundits on both sides, as has happened with Paul.  I am not as optimistic as Block is on this.  He seems to think the public in general will see through this if only Paul can gain the nomination, opposed only by the RE.  But I think the ruse of this "beauty contest" - the beauty contest that says Ron Paul is much less "pretty" than the other candidates - may work.

It may work in the nomination process, and it may also work during the general election.

I'm not that sure that the private citizen supporters of either party are that different from the party itself.  Not yet.  Not different enough to see through the ruse.

Here's hoping.

DC Treybil

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Ron Paul: Far Right or Far Left? Left behind the farthest!

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