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Comment by TL Winslow (21344)
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{On October 3, 2002, Barghouti indicted Israel on 54 counts, saying:

"The State of Israel is directly and indirectly criminally responsible for committing specific acts of genocide, ethnic cleansing, including uprooting Palestinians by military attacks, arbitrary arrests and illegal imprisonment, administrative detention, attacks on women, children and the elderly, systematic and wanton destruction of property and homes, (and) systematic expropriation and dispossession...." }

What is this convicted terrorist and murder going to do, arrest Israel and put the Jews into concentration camps? He and his fellow fake Arab Muslim "Palestinians" already tried repeatedly to do just that militarily and lost, so now all they can do is whine, many from jail where their own actions put them.

Kremlin puppet Lendman is just cranking out more 1-sided agitprop against Israel to please his masters. Did he mention that from Mar. 29-Apr. 21, 2002 14 Muslim suicide bombers killed dozens of Israeli civilians and wounded hundreds more? No matter who Israel convicted of murdering their own, Lyingman would accept their protestations of innocence at face value and go on to call for Israel's dissolution.  He doesn't lend, he steals history.

Lendman says that Barghouti should be the new Hamas leader since Abbas can't achieve a 2-state solution. Why then did Barghouti back Abbas from prison? The answer is that none of them want anything but a 1-state solution, a Muslim one, with Jews returned to dhimmi 9th class citizen status where they have to avoid looking a Muslim in the eye, give up their seat on the bus to one, walk in the gutter instead of the sidewalk, and pay a yearly tax not to be executed for being an infidel: does the Israeli slogan "Never Again" ring a bell?


As to Lendman trying to convince us his innocence, if Barghouti is really a Gandhi who is innocent of killing Jews, why does his own son say that he is a 'hero", and another Palestinian say that "he was a fighter from the beginning"?  In the Quran, "fight" always means kill, and "hero" means jihadist. His son also calls it a "war", in Arabic JIHAD, his daddy taught him well, including to call the extermination of the Jewish state Israel and enslavement of the Jews "winning their freedom", no matter how many Jews they have to kill.

When will the ARAB MUSLIMS get off their act and VACATE THE ENTIRE AREA AND LEAVE POOR OUTNUMBERED SURROUNDED ISRAEL ALONE? The 22 Arab countries have a pop. of 350 million, and have millions of sq. mi. to worship Allah Akbar, so why don't they?




Comment by TL Winslow (21344)
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Oh yes, to answer my own question, the Allah Akbars won't leave Israel alone because Allah commands them to KILL JEWS as an act of worship to come closer to him:

That's what Muslims mean when they call each other heroes and fighters.  That's what Lendman agitprops for per orders from the Kremlin.  He's sick :)

Of course, Hamas and Fatah were killing each other for awhile, causing the little people among the Muslim Palestinians to grumble that they're violating the Quran, which makes it a crime for Muslims to kill Muslims.  That's why it won't go on forever, and they will eventually close ranks and do what Allah likes, namely kill Jews - if they can.  Let's hope that Israel won't let them.

One thing they both agree on: NO ISRAEL IF THEY CAN HELP IT. 


Where's the new U.S. president with the cajones to finally help Israel expel all Muslims from the Nile to the Euphrates and create a wide DMZ so that the 350M Allah Akhbars won't get any chance of coming closer to Allah?

Meanwhile the other flavor of white meat, the Shiites in Iran must be prevented from getting their hands on nukes or they will hand them to Hezbollah to use in suicide missions in Israel, starting WWIII.  Ron Paul and his 19th cent. isolationist mentality can stuff it because the U.S. won't hesitate to help Israel makes its last stand, while Israel-hating Pres. Paul's desire of letting Iran nuke Israel in the first place is just what would bring it on.




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