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Comment by PureTrust
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I have notice 3 basic types of high-school kids - public HS, of course.

1. The kind that are full of energy, very positive, well-aligned with the system, will make good one-world candidates in Big Business and Big Politics some day. There aren't many of these.

2. A few dumb-as a brick kids.

3. A majority of kids who are not smart in a literary, technological, historical way (except for computer and Internet operation, that is), but are very aware that something is drastically wrong. They walk around, peeking over their shoulders a little, afraid that someone in authority is going to pop out from behind some bush (under some rock?) and slap them with some kind of punishment for being free.

Type number 3 is the way the police state is making all of us. Type number 1 will probably wind up being part of the police state government. Type #1 is the group who will not leave us alone in the future. Type #3 are those who simply want to be left alone. Type #2, if they happen to not be among those who are hurt too badly, will probably be the happiest in their ignorance.

Comment by stupid Amerkin
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