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Comment by TL Winslow
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{Is Syria next, then Iran, then global war followed by militarized homeland repression? Using Obama as front man, out-of-control militarists make it possible!}

Now that we know that Lendman's getting his thinking done for him by the Kremlin, how laughable his crapola sounds. A regime change in Syria or Iran would make the whole world more free and safe, and would be good for the U.S. not bad, as our heroes return to a celebration after pissing on some dead mullahs Marine-style.  How would that cause the homeland to be militarized? Only if we let the Islamic Republic of Iran survive and terrorize us with threats of nukes brought in by Hezbollah out of Russia's friends Venezuela and Cuba, that's how.  Lendman is SICK if he thinks we buy Kremlin agitprop as worth a spoonful of cold borscht.




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