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Comment by TL Winslow
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As Reagan would say, there Lendman goes again.

The business of who is war?  Israel?  How about ISLAM?  The god of Israel commands them to make peace their business, while the god of Islam commands them to make war their business, with paradise as the carrot and hell as the stick. Oh yes, Kremlin puppet Lendman is never supposed to mention the words Islam or Muslim when it comes to the fake Arab Muslim Palestinians, or else he'd give away the con that he doesn't even work for them, he works for Moscow.

Israel occupies Gaza?  Duh, it once did, then pulled out, remember? They also once occupied Sinai and pulled out, and now that Mubarak is kaput, the Islamists are busy filling it with arms and armies aimed at Israel; they love blowing up the natural gas pipeline to Israel.  So the business of who is war?  Lendman is sick :)

As Pat Condell puts it, it's JEW HATE that drives all the Arab Muslims on, when they could have had peace 10 times over the last 50 years.  So it's NOT ABOUT ISRAEL, IT'S ABOUT ISLAM.




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