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Comment by PureTrust
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Thank Goodness that nobody is really talking about hiring Ron Paul when they talk about electing him President. Consider...

What fixes your car engine when it goes on the blink, your brain or your hands?

What sews holes in clothing, does the dishes, carries the groceries, etc., your brain or your hands an arms?

When you jog, or exercise, or do the work on your job, what does all this work? Your brain or the other parts of your body?

If you are not a mechanic, or if you don't sew well, or if you don't want dishpan hands, or if the job is too big for you to manage, then what part of your bodies gets the work done... your brain or the other parts?

The brain is not always trained in every form of expertise. But the brain is very well adapted to an overview of running the whole show.

All but one or two of the candidates want to use methods for running the nation that have proven to fail... at least with regard to the freedom, and abundance for all of the people. They all want to delegate authority in the same disastrous way.

Ron Paul is the only one who wants to get out from the disaster by doing it in ways other than the ones that have proven that they don't work. He is the only one with the experience and desire to do it, while at the same time having any chance of making it to the Presidential position.

So, let's not hire Ron Paul. Let's rather place him, and work with him, to take back the nation for freedom, integrity, and even rightness in the world.

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