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Comment by Temper Bay
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Wouldn't be surprised if we don't begin calling Anonymous 'The Lone Digital Ranger'. 

Comment by PureTrust
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There is way more to this than meets the eye.

First, if I spent $hundreds of thousands, or $millions, making a movie, I would only do it with the expectation that I would be getting my royalties from it. Unless I released it to the general public, isn't it a bit dishonorable to, sort of, steal the rights to the thing, right out from under me?

On the other side, second. Government and law enforcement has become, probably, way more illegal, in scores of ways, than digital pirates.

Third, probably a lot of the anonymous group is made up of people in Government who see what other people in Government are doing, and are just sick that they are working for good goals, while many of their "co-workers" are among the crookedest people around - like many of the big leaders in the U.S. government.

If the above is true, fourth, we see Government falling apart from inside in a real, substantial way right now, falling apart over digital pirating.

Nothing I have said here is unknown, or un-thought of, by Government people in law enforcement. James Bond has moved into a whole new area of secret agent work - digital pirating, and the law enforcement people that do a whole bunch of it.

Comment by tittiger
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Does anyone remember stuxnet? This Anonymous " attack" considering the timing (failure of SOPA)
looks more like a false flag designed to reinforce their "need" of  control over the Internet.

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