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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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Ron Paul says this:

One thing I believe about a free society is that it provides an opportunity for us to work for our own virtue and excellence. 

(time index 14:20)

Recently, I was given a copy of "The Self-Aware Universe" by Amit Goswami.  In it, he visits Maslowe's Hierarchy and laments the fact that despite luxurious material abundance, people generally do not pursue the higher tiers of individual potential proposed by Maslowe.

In this quote, Paul alludes to those higher tiers of individual potential.

I also visit Maslowe's Hierarchy in "The Constellation of Liberty".  Like Paul, I advocate pursuit of the higher tiers.  Like Goswami, I lament the fact that so few people seem to be pursuing that.  I examine the pursuit of excellence using Michelle Kwan and Tanya Harding as examples.  I show how the constitution bears on these examples.

To the best of my knowledge, Ron Paul has never heard of me and my book and probably never will.  Be that as it may, if you'd like to read a robust discussion of ideas related to the quote cited above, check out my book.


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