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Comment by PureTrust
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What just might become 10 times worse than the scenario projected by this article? Here's what.

Presently, the Big Boys who are trying to rule the world, are doing it in America mostly through deceptive means. They are doing it this way because they understand that chaos doesn't help them rule. Rather, chaos destroys their ability to control and "swindle" the masses. But what will they do when chaos is the only thing that is going to happen no matter what they can do?

Currently, they are the ones with the money. They are the ones who hold control of the machine shops and military facilities that manufacture the arms and weapons. Chaos won't come all at once, all at the same time. for awhile they will retain some major semblance of control, even if that control is doomed.

When they realize that their control is really doomed, they will become the ones who will cause the most violence, just to retain whatever control that they can. So, what's the point of saying this?

Freedom can't help but win. But the "growing pains" of new-found freedom are going to be, well, painful. Arm yourselves more than ever. Get to know your neighbors well. Form friendships, and group with people you can trust to guard your back. Because this whole thing just might turn out to be way more bloody than anyone might guess.

The peace that we have right now is the thing that can easily deceive us into thinking that the above might not happen. Yet, when it does happen, much of the ability of anyone to prepare will be lost. It will be too late.

Comment by GrandPoobah
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If someone wants to actually bet on this, we could start an event on intrade. I you wish to buy shares that that will happen a 4.00 a share, I will sell them to you. That means that if it happens that you win 10.00 and if it does not happen then you loose the 4.00 I do not expect any takers. Really, this is just such crap.  

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