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Comment by PureTrust
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Go to the cow pasture, and ask the cow, "Art thou the Supreme Being?" But bring a lunch, for I fear that the answer might be long in coming.

Or go to the horse's stall, and ask the horse, "Art thou the Supreme Being?" But the horse hath not the time to answer, for he is being prepared for the racetrack.

Or ask the dog, or the cat, or the weasel, or the rat, "Art thou the Supreme Being?" But I fear that none of these will reply with an answer other than that of the simple voice of their simple nature.

So ask the birds or the sky, or the fish of the sea, or the insets, or ask the trees of the forest, or the grasses of the plains. Then trample off to the distant parts of the world, and ask all the creatures that thou findest, "Art thou the Supreme Being?" But, alas, not one of them answers.

Ask, even, the microbes under the view of the powerful microscope, or ask the distant stars in the far-away sky. And, having worn thyself out with asking, ask even the God-fearing theist, "Art thou the Supreme Being?"

Ah, finally an answer, if a bold and authoritative one: "I have heard of the Supreme Being. I believe the Supreme Being exists. I believe, even, that I am His child - His very offspring - and that as His child, some of His Supreme Being qualities reside in me. Yet, I believe that, because I do not know the future or the full answer, my Supreme Being qualities are incomplete. Therefore, the Supreme Being is greater than I."

Oh, joy of joys! An answer at last. Yet, the answer is incomplete, mayhap even foolish. One more being existeth that may, perchance, be inquired of. Go to the atheist and ask, "... "

"No, I am not the Supreme Being. In fact, there is NO Supreme Being. After all, the cow did not answer, so it could not be the Supreme Being. Neither did the horse answer, so it could not be. In fact, none of the creatures on the whole earth could answer, from the microbes, to the fish of the seas, and to the fowls of the air. None of them are the Supreme Being.

"Ask me again after lunch. I probably will not answer, because, there being no Supreme Being, I have not the Supreme Being qualities that would enable me to answer, any more than one of the other creatures of the earth.

"Oh, and by the way, when the parrot answered, he was simply parroting."

Comment by David Jackson
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 Ask the Great Pumpkin.

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