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Comment by David Jackson
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 Hey, Ghost,

Great article. Sorry you had to write it.

I trust life is better on the other side...of reality. It pretty much sucks, here in the trenches.

Keep haunting.


Comment by Robert Bilyeu
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There are only two things that politicians really care about, that being big political donors and large voting blocs, and that in order simply to stay in office.  This runs from the smallest form of government being local to the largest, national.  Limbaugh shrewdly says "follow the money", however he never links it to the banking system itself, where all money comes from either materially by way of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing or through credit entries.

Ron Paul is dangerous to the status quo simply because his message instills especially in the younger generation a sense of nationalism rather than globalism, a sense of fairness rather than an unfair competition that will insure the status quo, and the idea that the American people are not too dumb to be able to make their own decisions, even though the educational system seems to be doing all it can to change even that.

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