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Comment by TL Winslow
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Comrade Putin Lend Lease is at it again spewing Kremlin agitprop against Israel. 

This time it's about some preventative arrests of terrorists to keep them from plotting to kill Israelis.  What an atrocity :)  If Israel were actually a Nazi state they would be rounding all x million Muslims up and sending them to Soylent Green factories, but they're not.  They even grant those who accept Israel's existence citizenship - a tiny fraction indeed, but that's out of their control. Meanwhile young Muslim Arab "Palestinians" are taught to viscerally hate and want to kill all Jews in the world from infancy - what a group of losers, imagine how the Kremlin thinks they can manipulate them all like children.  But the Kremlin will never manipulate me nor any other thinking informed American.

Now if Israel would finally do the right thing and annex all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates then forcibly resettle the Muslims to the millions of sq. mi. of Arab territory surrounding it, even that wouldn't be an atrocity, but their historic right.  Too bad they wouldn't think of it unless they had staunch U.S. help, and even then they might balk because Israel has so many Jewish leftist traitors in the ranks, as all throughout history.

Either way, you can bank on Israel still being there a thousand years from now. Can we also bank on the U.S. still being there? Only if it continues its staunch support of Israel.

The four hardest brain-tasking urls on the Internet, but without mastering the contents you're always going to be clueless about world events:



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