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Comment by Dagny Taggart
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I'm not sure I understand this.  Are you saying that the Republican party officials counted the straw poll votes in private and posted these results, but when you counted them yourself, Ron Paul had won overwhelmingly?

Comment by Psychictaxi
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No sir (or Ma'am) - there were TWO polls - the one in the PDF is the first you refer to, which was the County Poll one month ago.

The second was yesterday, at the State level, which I did get to help count. 

Comment by Shane Stevens
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Thank you for standing up and getting in on this so it was done in a fair manner.  We trounced those Grinch and Rombies!  Let's make sure this momentum carries over to the Republican Primary!

Comment by PureTrust
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Remember one very important thing. Ron Paul for President is not the answer or the end. Rather, it is the beginning.

If he wins, we need to double and triple our efforts to educate ALL Americans about the corruption throughout both houses of Congress. This corruption involves the continual breaking of their Oaths of Office.

There might be nothing wrong with a central banking system, if it were not the mandatory, only, banking system. What makes it wrong is that it is against the spirit of the Constitution.

Ron Paul will need all the help he can get to fight the corrupt Senate and House so that the Government goes back to making nothing but gold and silver to be money, and that this money is controlled by the Treasury rather than some central Federal Reserve Bank.

This is only the beginning. Everything we are doing now is in preparation for the beginning. The fight goes viral if Ron Paul wins the Presidency.

Comment by Psychictaxi
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Comment received by e-mail:

To: Ed Vallejo
From: Tyler Green
Subject: Ron Paul votes

Hi Ed, Thanks for writing this. I am a new Committeeman and voted (for RP) at the County meeting but didn't get to go to the State meeting. I too was amazed at the difference in the voting and the fact that there were so many RP supporters at the County meeting and he got so few votes. It seems like there were more people with Paul stickers than he got votes. As a recent change from libertarian to republican, I would be very disappointed to think that my party leaders might be lying to me. Maybe we can get our hands on those ballots. I'll talk to my precinct captain, also a RP guy. Tyler

My response:

I spoke with George Teegarden, and he says that the ballots scanned in were available for review if that is your desire.  See, the County Poll wasn't as stringently monitored as the State Poll; there's no telling how many ballots were handed out to whom, and when.  The State Poll was conducted in one place, with ballots being handed to people paying $10 each - in front of witnesses.  Ergo - the disparity of the counts.  I guess the Mitt, Newt, and Rick people weren't so ready to hand out their hard earned cash for their Candidate, but they can vote down Ron with all the free ballots they can get their hands on. 

Comment by Psychictaxi
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This is how the AZGOP put it in their own words:

"If you want to set the media message for the second largest Presidential Primary between the Mississippi River and California, you will want to participate in this special opportunity!"

the 'Official' results:


From the campaign:

From the 'Media':


Comment by Anonymous
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All I know is that after becoming "familiar" with the local breakfast club, I learned that people are DEFINITELY FAKING BEING RON PAUL SUPPORTERS THERE... and attempt to thwart the success of this party.  

 Kim Dyer  I take this FACT to my grave.

Comment by george teegarden
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This is probably old news now but I just became aware of this site and the post about the Republican straw polls. The "process" is no secret.  Ed, dude, all you had to do was ask. Every year the Republican Party at state and county levels have an "organization' meeting where some portion of the officers are elected.  We don't turn over everyone at the same time in order to keep a little "corporate memory" as to the details of the operation.  Every member (Precinct Committeeman) is made aware of the meeting in a "Call" letter that's sent out at least 10 days prior to the meeting.  In the case of the County meeting, the straw poll was sent out with the Call.  Each PC, some 3460 of them, got a Call and it contained one straw poll ballot.  The specs of the scanner program are such that copies made of the ballot are unreadable because copiers aren't precise as to the position of everything relative to the page edge so we're confident there weren't multiple votes by folks as there were at the State meeting. We had two dozen or so ballots mailed in and the rest deposited in the box at the meeting. Rob and I ran the ballots through the scanner here at the house the evening after the meeting and posted the results on as was noted in the Call letter.  I think we got some interesting information from the MCRC poll and also from the AZGOP poll. MCRC gave us a snapshot of candidate support across the Party and the AZGOP poll showed me for one the strength and enthusiasm of Ron Paul's supporters.

Now, a note about money.  The Republican conservative grass roots has become aware that if we want the Party to reflect our views we have to support it, financially and locally. You have no idea how much effort and ca$h went into giving us the conservative Party leadership we have here in Arizona. The national level RNC is good for getting Republicans elected in the general elections but it's less than welcoming to strong conservatives or to our movement in general. That's where the big buck donors are giving us moderates and telling us it's the only way to win.. Wealthy folks who donate large bucks expect their views to be attended to also and sometimes their views don't exactly mirror those of us down in the grass.

A few thousand of us donating ten to fifty bucks quarterly here in Arizona and working in the trenches to see aware constitutional conservatives, not "moderates" elected to PC positions and then moving up in the Party ranks will eventually steer the rest of the Party over to our side. You saw what's left of the CPUSA take over the Democrat party all the way to the top in less than 50 years. I for one want to see a "Reagan" come along more often than every century or so but as long as we're content to sit around and let the fat cats support the Party financially it isn't going to happen.


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