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BBC also wrote Holy Blood Holly Grail of Da Vinci Code's use that behind the scenes is trying to connect Rennes Le Chateau France to my ancestors' stone-masonry Rosslyn Chapel, Scottland.  They are using it as the Mormon banking arm covert religion to bring us all to one world government under the Vatican-and don't be fooled into thinking that they are opposition.  Because when I did my homework, I learned that the Book of Mormon is quite likely a Vatican creation. 

This propaganda is passing off a covert Mormon lie (Mormons generally aren't even aware yet, although they have been pre-cursored by their leadership in their own publications) that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had children.  This lie got my father Murdered, and has destroyed any chance that I ever had of a Normal life.  And we have people like Mitt Romney to thank for making sure that their money changing will carry on and eventually introduce such a lie as some world discovery, or it is looking like the back up plan might be aliens.  Hang on tight people, the elites (that burned my ancestors at the stake Friday October 13, 1307 don't know where to hide.  Thank God for the internet.

What you witness here on this site is a grail of slander and cover-ups by people who pretend to be for our liberties that are scamming you.  I was previously #44164, then #45147, and now this number. 

Donna Hancock, on the other hand, is probably the most genuine reporter I've seen thus far.  

This is Kim Dyer (for when they remove my name again...  I won't give up.  I will not sell out to this lie.  And as far as I am concerned, until I see any evidence to the contrary from my family, my Grandmother Ruth Mary Sinclair Dyer,  it is a lie.  Friend me on Facebook.  I wear a white Porsche baseball cap.  I like to keep people aware.  I do have a vat background in law, legislature, sociology and political science.... So I know just enough to be dangerous, or at least to keep it interesting.  I live in Tempe, Arizona.

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