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Comment by Dracula Tepish (19316)
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wrong on that one first place why is mexicans in mexico appling for SSI

2004 huh the govt is lying on that the people have been misplaced by the statistics 

for there is 36 percent unemployed and they know that the unemployment is only for 99 to 100 weeks none after that

and what jobs really that is right what jobs except companies are outsourcing their jobs or hiring illegals to fill that gap but for a cheaper wage that the companies dont give a damn about the public and it people cheap labor cheap product that is not worth the item it was made from then we get the foreign garbage that is pure shit now worth anything but trash to be tossed out

the work ethics of the past here in USA the product was better made and not cheap trash today it is trash that is being sold to the public 


so then were are the jobs none except bullshit




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