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Comment by Ed Price
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What is extremely interesting to note is, a high percentage of SciFi writers from the early-mid 1900s, predicted that America and earth as a whole would have operational bases on the moon by as early as 1970, but by the early 2000s for sure. Do we have any bases on the moon whatsoever? If we do, they are shrouded in a total military secrecy blackout - if such a thing is even possible.

The point is, once anybody gets into the mode of inventing, he can invent all kinds of things. And ANYBODY can make predictions. So what about these SciFi authors' predictions? Perhaps they were part of the driving force behind much of what has been invented in recent years. But they were farther off with most of their predictions that the ones that have come true.

Two additional points:

1. The vast number of SciFi writers' marvelous inventions have NOT been invented, while a host of inventions they never mentioned have.

2. The base of the background setting for over 99% of the famous SciFi writers' stories, is evolution. Almost every famous SciFi story has at its basic core, even if not directly written about, the idea that all life sprang from evolution. Yet, modern science has proven that every form of evolution that has been imagined so far, is completely impossible to have happened in reality, at least in any way that we understand clearly.

SciFi writers aren't anything special. They are simply romantics who happened to be extremely able to put their mouth where their money should have been.

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