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Comment by Rick Fowlkes (5977)
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Well said, Chuck. I couldn't agree more with everything you said, except the part about not agreeing with Ron Paul on everything. Thanks for your statement and support.

Comment by Norm Nipperus (42717)
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Hear! Hear! Very good. 

Comment by Rick Mann (45439)
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Excellent Article.

 Mr. Baldwin, I believe many individuals are "turned off" by Dr Paul because of the negative attack ads which come out of his camp.  These ads don't line up with Dr. Paul's character creating confusion and mistrust.  I see Dr. Paul as the George Washington of our time.  Once you get a true sense of his character you begin to hear his message and an awakening occurs.

Sadly his handlers, unlike George Washington's, denigrate his character every time you hear him say at the end of an attack ad "I am Ron Paul and I approve this message"

Rick Mann


Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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One of my problems is that I try to simplify things too much. I try to get at the major points too much. When I do this, I often lose some of the good stuff.

This letter/article is GREAT. Read the whole thing. Yes, DO read and study it.

The only, Only, ONLY reason that we have the Government that we do, the law and order that we do, the Senate and House of Representatives that we do, the method whereby people can get elected to the House and Senate, the individual States that we have, the whole Government that we have... THE ONLY REASON is that we have the CONSTITUTION.

If we did not have the Constitution, we would have none of these. At best, we wouldn't have them the same way. Rather, we would have some form of kingship or dictatorship, a thing Obama is trying to turn this country into.

Since we have Government the way the way we do, why don't we know about the Constitution that allows everything like the above to exist? Why don't we understand how the Constitution works? Why don't we hold the feet of Government people to the fire of the Constitution, especially since it is a thing that they have promised to do in their Oath of Office anyway? And why don't those lying, oath-breaking Government officials hold their own feet to the fire?

The ONLY solution to the problems of Government is to get back to the Constitution. And the only guy who intends to do this is Ron Paul.

Vote Ron Paul 2012. And if he isn't on the ballot, write him in. And take your cell-cam and record your voting if you can get away with it.

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