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Comment by Joe Vignolo
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I basically don't disagree with anything you say in your article. A lot of individual behavior certainly did contribute to our current state of affairs.

However, you have to avoid generalizations. Not everyone that loses a home to a mortgage foreclosure or is on disability is directly responsible for what happened to them.

And if you don't think that banks, the government and large corporations don't bear a large portion of the responsibility for the things that have gone on, you're ignoring half the truth.

Comment by PureTrust
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Actually, it is the banks that have created the mortgage problem, not the borrowers. Why? Because you can't borrow anything if there is nobody around to lend anything to you. And even if there are lenders around, if they don't advertise, you still won't know about it.

Now here's the big kicker. It's the same old thing. The banks never loaned anything. They simply took whatever paper you signed to get the loan, and they treated the paper like a check and deposited it in a secret account that they opened for you. Then they withdrew the money in bank check form, or in FRN form, and gave it back to you. They called it a loan, not because it is a loan, but because the laws made by your loving Governmental representatives, say that they can call it a loan.

So you see? You didn't borrow anything. You created new money with your signature on the mortgage note.

When you pay the money back in the form of payments, what you are really doing is GIVING the banks your labor that you used to get the repayment money from your employer.

The whole banking and lending system is a gigantic rip-off scam. It is ripping off the whole country, and has been for nearly 100 years. Your Government knows all about this. Yet, they continue it rather than stopping it. THE PEOPLE REPRESENTING YOU IN GOVERNMENT ARE AGAINST YOU!

Ron Paul would like to stop this scam! He wants to shut down the Federal Reserve Bank, and bring the money back on the gold and silver standard, under the U.S. Treasury, so that there is actual value for value in the money.

Vote Ron Paul 2012. And if he isn't on the ballot, write him in. And record the event with you cell-cam if you can get away with it.

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