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With our government officials beating the drum again for more war, this time with Iran, they might want to take a step back and heed the advice of our forefathers, principles that were consistently expressed through all of their writings. One,

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Comment by Carrie Taranova (26584)
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 Our Founders and the US Constitution FORBIDS any American troops from touching Foreign soil unless we are DIRECTLY ATTACKED BY THAT NATION on our soil here.  Read the Cosntitution !  Art. 1  Section 10  last clause !  We have NOT been attacked by a Foreign nation or even threatened !  We have no business over in any of those nations ! And we committ Treason with every US Military base we have on Foreign soil = Occupation is what that is no matter what disguise they put on it. Every soldier committs Treason if they are in another country on behalf of the DC corporation everyone calls "their govt" !


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