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Again, no Carbon-14 baseline.

Remember the movie "Medicine Man?" Remember how they had to zero the machine out to accurately make the measurements they were making?

Many of you know how an electronic scale for weighing food at a deli is zeroed out before the weight of a product is measured. It's the same with carbon-14 used in carbon dating.

You need something that you have accurately dated that you can use as a baseline for zeroing the C-14 machine out. What this means is that, if you have a piece of material that you can archeologically date back 4500 years using reasonably accurate standard archeological dating methods (excluding C-14), then you have something you can use as a C-14 baseline.

From that point on, you can date everything between 4500 years ago and the present using the C-14 process. But here is what you cannot do accurately. You cannot date anything older than 4500 years. Why not? Because you don't know for sure if C-14 quantities in materials older than 4500 years matches the amount in a corresponding way - year for year, C-14 for C-14 - as those following 4500 years ago. You don't have anything to zero the machine out with. You don't have anything that you can use to run a baseline beyond 4500 years. This makes all your pre-4500 year dating out to be guesswork.

Why do I use 4500 years? Because the oldest non-C-14, accurately dated materials go back to between 4500 and 5000 years. And even that is not entirely certain. The safer bet is 4500 years.

What happened between 4500 and 5000 years ago that might have changed the "cosmology" of planet earth so that extending C-14 dating is probably inaccurate? The great worldwide flood, that's what. Many nations around the world have records of this flood in their ancestral traditions. And the changes that this flood produced may have been great enough to totally disrupt the even flow of Carbon-14. That is, C-14 quantities before the flood may have been drastically different than immediately after the flood.

The point is, the idea of 48,000 years ago is entirely guesswork. Yet it is treated as though it were almost fact. The result is a whole change in the political attitude of people who believe in an old earth as compared with people who believe in a very young earth.

Think about it.

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