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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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What’s new? Nothing!

Complaints of fraud, primaries being rigged, false reporting of results, biased management of polls – you name it – a pattern practiced by the Ron Paul campaign for many years now. Handlers knew very well that they are handling a CANDIDATE THAT WILL NEVER WIN the Republican presidential nomination! That’s why Ron Paul ALWAYS DROPS OUT OF THE RACE – but not without an alibi …The campaign pitch is that all the caucuses and primaries Ron Paul had participated had all been RIGGED against him.

I do not make this up. I have nothing personal against Ron Paul. Just examine the records that show his eternal attempt to run for president … his obsession to become President. The crow has a better chance of turning white than Ron Paul’s chance to become President of the United States! [This is Venancio Tan’s line – not mine.] In the realm of possibilities, Ron Paul is that kind of politician farthest from becoming President of the United States – oh, boy [!] not his type. The sooner Ron Paul and rabid supporters face this truth … accept this reality, the better for their financial and mental health, for the Republican Party’s chance to win the election, and for everybody.

And what is disgusting about it is that Ron Paul’s handlers are as DELUSIONAL as he is! These guys are telling the public that Ron Paul had WON all those State caucuses and primaries! He was "robbed" of victory. Good bedtime story for children, but not to the American public.

Well, the term "delusional" in capital letters is an understatement. The New Hampshire newspaper described Ron Paul and his handlers-supporters as political characters from the "lunatic fringe".

So in this headlined story – what’s new? Nothing!


Comment by brag
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I don't understand it. Why would Paulites hate this guy JV -- raining him with acid words, even call him unprintable names -- when what he is doing is only telling the truth about Ron Paul's bid for the presidency? He should be commended instead of cursed for being honest and brave enough in telling the truth -- even though it is the ugly truth that hurts! Accepting the truth that hurts requires a great amount of courage, painful as it might be, but the reward is not of this material world -- it relieves a spiritual burden ... it cleanses the soul!

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