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Comment by J E Andreasen
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In some respects the U.S. and the modern State of Israel are traveling on near-convergent paths, like trains passing at a siding. 

Israel started out as a weird mix of traditionally observant Jews and those who slipped off the rails, driven by the "Pintele Yid" towards socialism (a defective, secular substitute for genuine "Tikkun Olam"). 

Slowly, today Israel moves forward.  The inexorable dynamic of assimilation & intermarriage are removing the secular and marginally religious Jew (along with the attachment to socialism).  At the same time, the world-wide shift to economic value vesting in Knowledge sets the course towards a market economy.

Conversely, America slowly slides (held back only by a huge inertia, borne of past glories) towards a future of being a marginalized, third-world, "Idiocracy". Replete with resources, but with a culturally selected population of sullen, grasping drones, (the productive class having quietly slipped away), America will eventually chugg to a moaning, exhausted, stop.

It is good that Julian Heicklen, has returned to his people.  May we all merit the coming of Moshiach ... soon.

Thank you for the good news, Ernie!



Comment by Ed Price
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Time to stock up on more guns, more advanced guns, better guns, and lots of ammo. If you are going to die in the Nazi executions anyway, you might as well go down fighting.

It wouldn't hurt to stock up on Bibles, on your understanding of what is written, and especially your understanding of the Biblical facts that God is the overall Government, world Governments will be destroyed by Him, that most of the Bible writings against people fighting against government have to do with protecting unprepared people from government, that if you have a government don't fight it because proclaiming that a government is your government shows that you have made an agreement with YOUR government that you should uphold until you throw the government off as your government until you fight it, and a lot of other things like these.

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