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Comment by Ed Price
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You just have to wonder what the norm is all over the world. Statistics have shown that governments kill more of their own people than anything else.

Why hasn't the United States been as bad as other places (if it hasn't)? Probably because, in Americas past years, a vast majority of Americans had been brought up from the time that they were infants, to know basic right from wrong, and to respect and obey their convictions from that training.

What about the future, since most are now taught that the law is what you make it, that life is something that came from pond scum so it doesn't matter, that authority is only there so you can figure out ways around doing what is right? We can see it happening a little in everyday people. But it seems that a good deal of everyday violence is escalating among those who pass for law enforcement.

Comment by James Eldridge
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Pure Trust --- "Why hasn't the United States been as bad as other places (if it hasn't)?" I have spent the last four years relearning American history and the U.S. is as bad as other places that you have been reading about. There was no reason for the US to go into WW1 or 2, Korea, Vietnam and everyplace since. Those are just a few of the places this nation has commited its military into combat and the number of deaths is a lot more then we are told. Most of the deaths occuring now are just those that are killed in combat and not those that die in hospital or after coming back to the states. That number reaches into the tens of thousand that we never hear anything about or there would be the greatest outcry from the people of this nation. It seems we allow ourselves to feel it is okay for about 5,000 to have died in Iraq, but as I mentioned that number reaches into the tens of thousand we are not allowed to hear about in the MSM. Not to mention that actions of our presidents allowing for the murder of tens of millions with the big lie that it is for our freedom. I enjoy reading your other comments on this website. Do a search about US atroscities and be ready for a big shock. I was in shock for more then a week and after four years I still feel the effects of finding out the truth about real American history.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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BORING are those stories of hoodlums in police uniforms.

Of course some hoodlums in police uniform in some drug-ridden cities of Mexico are in the payroll of powerful Mexican Mafias like the Gang Lords of New York in the time of Al Capone and his murderous rivals in the height of those notorious gangsters’ reign of terror.

But as what it is in some parts of Mexico now as what it was then in New York, the REAL story to tell and write about is how some of the heroic Mexican policemen died leaving behind those grieving widows and orphaned children just to rid their town of those mobsters.

Talking about American history in the right perspective, one of the greatest stories ever told in this area of human interest is how many of NYPD's Finest died when they routed those gangsters in the City of New York and turned New York into the "Greatest City" in the world. This classical crime-busting episode in American history rivaled the great story of New York’s Statue of Liberty … this I just want you to know about the great history of the United States.

Those people who wet in their bed dreaming how bad the history of the United States is, wake up in the morning, swear and curse a lot to let off their steam as a form of self-therapy. This is unfortunate if not so touching and tragic as you read their frustrations and misfortune in this page. There is almost nothing you could do to help them, except perhaps try to comfort them out of their feeling of misery, hopelessness and depression.

My way of doing that is what I have longed to say that it would have been a pleasant story to read in this website had these good and admirable heroic achievements of the nation’s police force are at least also allowed to get published to balance the anti-Government rage that cast a gloomy picture of America’s greatest fight against crime.

But no … only the bad apples – not the good ones -- of law enforcement not only in Mexico and the U.S. but all over the world, are allowed here – and not just allowed but even encouraged to get published. There is practically lack of space for the good ones.

As it was said before about what Libertarianism in extremis wants of articles published here is that if you cultivate a feeling of animosity towards policemen and the Government after reading those "selected" stories, whether those stories are imagined or real, the websites’ editors are happy … mission accomplished.

But I want to let you know that there are others aside from myself who are in the side of the public that would remind you not to take any drastic action – like killing a government official or shooting policemen dead as one of those "loonies" repeatedly publicized here – out of despair after reading those depressing anti-police and anti-Government news reports.

Look always at the bright side – not always at the dark side. For the future, do not teach your children hopelessness, but give them hope for their good fortune in life here in the United States of America, the greatest country on the planet.

Cheers! JV


Comment by Boston Releigh
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JV, thanks again for your wise counsel. This one-sided campaign to implant hatred of law enforcement officers in the heart of Americans, stinks!

My only reservation out of your commendable encouragement to give their children hope for a brighter future is that maybe you are talking to those obvious characters from the "lunatic fringe" whose hearing is dysfunctional – government-hating people who in rage cannot hear or refuse to hear a good word of advice from wise and compassionate Samaritans like you.

This new crop of government-haters cannot be trusted. Their desperate go-for-broke attitude in life gives me Goosebumps, especially when they believed they have nothing to lose.

You see, if their preoccupation in life is to get rid of the Government they cannot tolerate in life, they could have probably already gotten rid of their families they could not live with either.

Most likely those violent people live an angry life at home alone by themselves, but actually, these are spiritually homeless people whose militia mentally is to arm themselves and live only with the company of their guns.

This is what recently happened in Alaska when police caught up with them, tried in the court of law, and after conviction locked them up in the calaboose for hardened criminals where they are given a chance to reform their violent mental attitude towards the Federal Government – that is if they do not by their own malicious, pugnacious and atrocious handiwork while in jail, forever condemned themselves to eternal damnation.

In my practice of law, I wish I have had that opportunity to be part of that prosecution panel that successfully fried them in their own frying pan of terror.

JV, I must tell you that this living proof of conviction of violent haters of Government in Alaska confirms my suspicion that militia-minded activists that hate the Government that much are not hearing any of your good Samaritan advice. You can detect this in their responses of personal attacks against those who criticize them, rather than engage their critics in the intelligent discussions of issues raised … those wordy steaming reactions are coming from a disoriented mind, which explains why these are mostly, as you said, "windy", irrelevant or disconnected.

Comment by Richard Harding
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Those who criticize American history with such contempt and desperation are supposed to be out of this country because they do not deserve our taxes to feed them.  But since they are still living in this country, good-thinking Americans consider them dead balls for all intents and purposes.


For Annonymous75 and JV, and the rest of them who have the patience to argue for the side of the public, I buy a bouquet of roses and wish them more power -- and to those anti-Government nervous wrecks, I lay a wreath of sympathy in their grave.



Comment by Ed Price
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Hi James17. Just responding top your comment, below. There is only ONE major reason that the United States of America has the rightness and righteousness that it has, and has had in the past. It has little to do with the right and wrong that the nation does. It revolves around a certain PRINCIPLE that has given special success to the USA and only one other nation. There is a third great nation that feeds off the first two nations through a supposed weakness in the PRINCIPLE. But it won't remain like this forever.

Nowadays, the majority of people in the world have heard of electricity. Most who have heard of it, have come in contact with usage of electricity in one way or another. Some of us use it regularly everyday. Yet, nobody understands the foundational PRINCIPLE behind the operation of electricity.

Sure, many of us know multitudes of ways of handling electricity correctly. Many electrical engineers understand the ins and the outs of using electricity safely, to its fullest potential. Many physicists understand the higher aspects of where electricity comes from, why it works the way it does, where it goes, how it plays into the operation of the Universe. But nobody quite has the grasp about what it really is. Nobody quite understands the fundamental PRINCIPLE behind electricity.

Now let me ask you, what is the ONE major THING that the people of the USA did, both, several decades prior to the nation's formation, and several decades following. It is a thing that is not being done formally by Government now, virtually at all. Yet, it was being done by Government back then on a majorly regular basis, and in earnest. Many people of the USA do things similar to it, now. But it is probably not being done by ANYBODY AT ALL.

Have you figured it out yet? While the doing of it isn't the big thing, the PRINCIPLE behind it is wherein the rightness and righteousness of the USA lies. And it doesn't have anything directly to do with doing right and wrong by Government or the people, although right-doing and wrong-doing will be affected by it.

Here is what it is. Both the Government of the USA, and the people, several decades prior to and following the establishment of the USA, used the Bible as the English primer of the nation. Government taught foreigners English by giving them copies of the Bible. People taught their children to read and write using the Bible as the primer.

What is the PRINCIPLE behind all this, the PRINCIPLE that nobody understands, and that few really know about - even though it is applied to the masses who fill themselves up on the Bible? The PRINCIPLE is that faith in Jesus-salvation comes through simply reading the Bible, and hearing it being read. And Jesus-salvation forgives the wrongs while at the same time it accredits the righteousness.

The only other nation that has ever done this, has done it in the past. Like the USA, it is currently being done very little presently by this other nation. And they only did it with the Old Testament, which is too bad, really. It is Israel, who has filled themselves on Jesus Messiah in the O.T., yet rejects Jesus Messiah directly in the N.T.. Because of this, if they don't change, they will get spewed out of the mouth of God as an unfathomable lukewarm.

The nation that feeds off the USA and Israel is Babylon. It is not the Babylon, Iraq. It is the Babylon of the Revelation in the Bible. It is the world banking and money system. It revolves around making legalistic trading to be more important than giving. It feeds off those who God makes bountiful because of their faith in Jesus-Messiah. It will be destroyed in America and in the world. Its destruction will bring both peace and turmoil. Its destruction will signal the Second Coming.

Comment by Steve Duncan
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If we divide the available space in this page into several blocks and give each block of space feelings, some space blocks would feel lucky being used for good comments, while others would feel abused being used for atrocious remarks and out-of-this-world comments.

Block spaces getting the comments of Annonymous75, JV, Harding, and Brag, to mention a few, are lucky. The rest of the block spaces with hurt feelings, are running a bad luck.

Unlucky block spaces feel insulted for being used as a scapegoat for irrelevant and convoluted minds, i.e., the subject-matter is "cops and robbers", and the discussion is about Mexican Mafia and the comparable Gang Lords of New York and Chicago during the time of Al Capone, and here comes those comments crucifying American history [?], and parroting the "principle of electricity" [?] the "old and new testaments" of Babylon and other gobbledygook that are off base and neither here nor there. What the hell all these have to do with Mexican police caught on video kidnapping murder victims -- knocks me off.

The block space with feelings feel abused … and so am I.

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
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There were once jokes circulating around about Ron Paul’s academic background and expertise in economics.

One day he came in late while the congressional bi-partisan committee meeting was already discussing a Republican proposal to amend the Internal Revenue Code. A Democrat member made a spiky remark while Ron Paul hardly settled in his seat: "The problem with you Republicans is you are amending so many economic laws including the law of supply and demand and blame it on Obama."

Ron Paul cut in and with all seriousness said: "Gentlemen, it was my original idea that we should amend the Law of Supply and Demand."

Ron Paul was dead serious, and everybody burst into laughter.

The Democrat guy explained that with an avalanche of economic proposals, the Republicans were interfering with the function of the law of supply and demand.

But Ron Paul was piqued. Quite surprised why everybody was laughing, he hastily left the room …

In a public meeting, a heavily tattooed teenager -- a motorbike-riding member of the Next Generation, with a prominent silver earring on his nostrils aside from having a bullet-pierced tongue -- introduced candidate Ron Paul to a small gathering of young supporters. Describing who Ron Paul was, the young emcee was so generous in showering RP with unbelievable superlatives as if his super-idol was even better than Superman in the comic book.

Then he came to that part where Ron Paul’s educational background and academic expertise were introduced: "Ladies and gentlemen, he is the only politician in the world who studied Medicine to become a world-class economist. He also became an authority in constitutional law by studying Medicine – a unique politician God gave to us in this hour of our need, during this troubled time … etc. etc."

Background check showed the young guy was a D-student who dropped out from college and became a Ron Paul volunteer.

Is this "irrelevant" or disrespectful of the topic currently being discussed? If it is, then accept my apology. But I assure you this is neither boring nor "space abuse".

[P.S. I like this newly created term "space abuse" that hurts paper feelings. Quite inventive, I might say. Suka must be a topnotch comedian.]

Comment by Conrad Krosky
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Yap, I remember this committee hearing joke about Ron Paul on the Law of Supply and Demand. It was said that from then on, the GOP leadership decided to see to it that Ron Paul will never get any official Republican nomination as candidate for president. The more Ron Paul speaks in public about his economic ideas like going back to gold and silver, abolishing the Feds, getting rid of the IRS and income tax, the more the Republicans were having a nightmare.

He scares them out of their wits. And that, is another joke.

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