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Comment by Ed Price
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Don't let this article fool you. True, it has loads of interesting points, yet through the expression of these points, it tends to obscure THE BIG POINT.

The one and only BIG POINT IS...

Any 10 minutes that Congress wanted to stop the wars and bring our troops home, THEY CAN DO IT... ANY 10 minutes!

They could do it by voting no further funding for the military and Obama, and they could withdraw any funds that are already in the military coffers.

In addition, they could take the bull by the horns and entirely modify every last aspect of every way that any military funding is spent.

So you see? It is the Congress that is using the President for a scapegoat so that they, the Congress, can continue doing anything that they want with reasonable impunity. And articles like this one, while having a lot of interesting information, are helping Congress to be some of the biggest crooks in the world!

Comment by Mad Joker
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Cusack doesn't get it. The idiot in the white house is a communist.  Cusack, stick to things you know best, MAKING FILMS FOR JEW PEDOPHILES. Leave reporting of facts to us who wield an Axe of truth.  Go back to Shitcago and your nepotistic cronyism.

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