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Comment by Ed Price
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Both of these guys want to do away with the income tax. Good!

Both want some form of flat tax or something that might be a flat tax. BAD!

The Constitution allow two forms of taxation:
1. Import Export tax;
2. Excise tax - tax on Government created/sanctioned artificial entities.

Until these guys recognize that all other taxation is unConstitutional, they aren't doing it right.

The only reason that Government can get away with the income tax is, the income tax is NOT and income tax. It is an excise tax on an artificial entity, the Social Security account that has the same name as you do. Government can't help it when you say that you are the SS account by saying "yeah, that's me." They can't help it if you form an undeclared partnership with the SS account that you think is yours. They are just doing what they are required to do when they tax the account, and you, because you said you were the account!

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