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I well remember when my friend LT CDR Ernest “Guy” Cunningham conducted his “Combat Arms Survey” to 300 active-duty Marines at the USMC’s Air-Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, California, back on May 10, 1994. A couple of questions in this survey were especially revealing (and startling). John McManus picks up the story at this point: “One of the questions asked the Marines if they would be willing to be assigned to a ‘national emergency police force’ within the U.S. under U.S. command. The survey showed that 6.0 percent strongly disagreed, 6.3 percent disagreed, 42.3 percent agreed, 43.0 percent strongly agreed, and 2.3 percent had no opinion.”

In the mid 1990's, I visited a friend about 20 miles away to watch the X-Files on Sunday night.  Returning home, I saw a set of flashing lights approaching at a high rate of speed from behind.  I pulled off the road.  It was a State Police cruiser easily traveling over 100 mph.

After it passed, I waited a few seconds, and seeing no other lights approaching, proceeded homeward.

About 10 miles down the road from there, I began to smell diesel very strongly.  I could see bright lights and flashing lights glaring over a hill.  The hill hid them from direct view, but I was aware they were there.

I slowed down and kept traveling.  Topping the hill, I saw vehicles on both sides of the road with headlights and bubble gum lights blazing.  At the center of the commotion, there was a bus heading out onto the highway from the left.  It seemed to be the focal point.

The driver had attempted to turn the bus around on a side road (as I would later learn), and when pulling back out onto the highway, let a wheel get off the road over a culvert.  This let the bus down on the fuel tank and ruptured it.  Hence the smell of diesel.

I could see shadows in the headlights.  One of the shadows approached my car.  I stopped and rolled down the window.  It was a young soldier in camoflage.  He told me there had been a mishap and that lots of soldiers were wandering around in the road.  He asked me to try to avoid hitting them.

These guys were on an exercise to practice kicking down doors in the middle of the night, according to some accounts, info source unknown.  If I ever had any hope of soldiers refusing unconstitutional or otherwise illegal orders, this event dashed them.

Refuse illegal orders?!!!!   These guys did not have sense enough to stay out of the road while wearing camoflage in an unilluminated section of highway on a moonless night!

The military officers and police officers did not seem to have much control over the situation either.

The above-cited survey is in keeping with this observation.

Keep in mind, I was not out turning over rocks looking for this stuff.  I was just going about my regular routine when I happened upon it.

DC Treybil

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