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Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

The data show a pattern of movement over the past decade from California mainly to states in the western and southern U.S.: Texas, Nevada, and Arizona, in that order, are the top magnet states. Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah follow. Ro

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Comment by Treavor Presentlyinphoenix
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OK folks, gotta tell you Arizona is great. Friendly people, beautiful scenery but...seriously....folks it's a DESERT.

See in times of crisis you generally want to be moving OUT of deserts not INTO them. Everything you want to do off grid (except solar) is twice as hard in a desert. Harder to grow crops, harder to find the water to grow them with, animals need more store bought feed and handling.

We're not food self sufficient in Arizona. Never have been. We're dependent upon air and road freight for just about everything. Add to that the fact that our water tables don't seem to be getting replenished at this new rate of consumption and we've got long term challenges looming.

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