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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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When will the sheeple learn that you never ever talk to any of these drones with guns and badges let alone call them for anything. They are not there to protect you or serve. They are there to protect the corporation and their pay checks. Years ago a badge, uniform and gun represented some hint of security and protection, but today it SCREAMS with force and violence. These nazis with guns and badges are the most dangerous element we have in our society today and they are sanctioned by the dens of corruption most call courts.

Bottom line is they are all corporations run by corporate thugs that in truth have absolutely no more jurisdiction  or authority over any private citizen then the door greeter at Wal-Mart unless they are committing a real crime. 

The only law backing these drones and those who support them is force and violence.

We have an out of control over the top justus system that exist only to generate revenue and maintain control and power under the color of law disguised behind respectability.

It will all continue to remain business as usual until the sheeple wake up & start taking care of business.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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The moral of this story is to never ever call the pigs for any reason. If you do you are freaking insane.

Comment by Ed Price
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This had been a police investigation, and apparently the police thought that they were not finished with the investigation, or else they re-opened it. If Keeley had only looked at the evidence, without handling it, and had called police to come in and investigate the evidence, he would not have been charge with tampering with evidence.

Of course, if the evidence had turned out to be nothing, they would have charged him with something else for calling them for nothing.

The trick is, the evidence might have been planted by the police. So what do you do? I'd say, ignore the fact that you ever found it, seal up the holes in the wall, and get on with your life.

Yep! Think real well before you call the police.

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