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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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 Now the cat comes out of the bag. Here is Stephen Lendman mourning the loss of a leader of the Islamist group Hamas. Jabari hid in the shadows while masterminding operations against Israel which included attacking Israeli cities that resulted in innocent Israeli deaths which included children.

According to the Associated Press: "Jabari was considered close to Hamas hard-liner Mahmoud Zahar, a Gaza strongman. In 2011, Jabari wrote in a Hamas publication that "as long as the Jews occupy our land, they have one thing (in store), death, or they leave the occupied Palestinian territories."" This goes to show that Lendman is nothing more than scum sticking up for or lauding scum. The worst part about it is he is given a platform on this website to spread his lies. So much for Freedoms Phoenix being for "Uncovering the Secrets and Exposing the Lies".

Jabari deserved to die and kudos to Israel for doing so including resulting in the deaths of other Hamas leaders that we killed along with him as a result of the strike.

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