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Comment by Ed Price
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They are not right. People have become used to innovation. Prior to about 300 years ago, only a very few people in the world were involved in creating new labor saving devices, in making new inventions, in discovering what the world is all about. Nowadays, almost everyone in the modern countries is doing it. At least, they are looking at research ideas as the info becomes available through the Internet.

ALL obstacles will be overcome by the PEOPLE implementing new technologies to their lives. The one-world government will be the government of non-government, controlled by free trade among individuals around the world. World domination will fail because multitudes of folks will be providing ways that will automatically keep aggression from starting.

This leaves us with the questions. Did the 2 brilliant Investors in the article simply not consider this? Or are they trying to help the Big Fascist Governments and Banks maintain control by attempting to focus people in the direction of dependence on somebody-else-has-to-do-it-because-I-am-not-smart-enough?

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