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Comment by F. Swemson
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Considering the massive amount of election fraud that we just witnessed, why is it that I've heard nothing from our so called leaders in the GOP & Conservative caucus about the introduction of some federal laws to prevent this illegal behavior in the future.

If we can stop the far left / progressives from engaging in the kind of wholesale voter fraud they now employ with impunity, then we've made a giant step towards taking our country back.

We need to stop election fraud, and we need to demand that our representatives adopt strict term limit laws. Our founding fathers made a valiant effort to prevent our country from ever being taken over by a permanent ruling class, however after 230 years of sleaze bag lawyers chipping away at the foundation of our system, The Constitution, it's badly in need of a tune up.

If we don't all demand action from our elected representatives now, it will never happen.


Comment by Hawkeye
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Such a notice will be thrown into the trash by our congress,and forgotten about by the end of breakfast.

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