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Before you get all fuzzy an warm inside, because you think you have found the way to become alkaline and beat disease, consider this from

"We are just looking to show facts and not trying to defend any certain dietary way of life. There is a lot of debate among the alternate health community in regard to regulating the pH of the body, i.e. to make it alkaline or acidic. We want to show a little bit about how amazing the body is and how exacting it remains concerning pH . The only time the body is completely alkaline is when it is dead! The reason is there is NO OXYGEN because the respiratory system has stopped."

Go to the link at the top, and see that an alkaline system only helps a little, and is only temporary. The body continually switches around, more alkaline at times, and then less alkaline a few minutes later. And the digestive system remains acidic all the time. You are defeating life by trying to become too alkaline.

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