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Comment by TL Winslow
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It's sad that when it comes to immigration to the U.S., all sides assume the 200-year Mexican apartheid is a given, and play games with immigration from other continents. In Obama's case his game is clearly to let in the Muslims, gag, with the PC media helping him by muzzling criticism of Muzzies. Let them Mexicans get in the back of the line behind them is his non-solution. Duh, they're already here, where's that fence I can climb?

All along we should have incorporated Mexico as 10 new U.S. states, took the hits with the transition, then saw how the 60-state U.S. prospered economically and militarily as a globally-defensible world island. Yes, them ignorant Mexican U.S. citizens will eventually get the vote, but we can phase it in over so-many years while educating their kids to become good voters. When it comes to Muzzies, them voters are far more likely to stop immigration than our own.

When so-called gringos can move down south to the 10 new states with their know-how and capital and build whole new cities, the Megamerge will be complete.  Right now I'm the only voice calling for it, but that doesn't change the fact that I'M RIGHT.

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