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Comment by TL Winslow
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[[Urging peace talks turns reality on its head. Daily viciousness targets Palestinians. Their rights are systematically violated. They have none.

Actions speak louder than words. Palestinians never had a peace partner and don't now. Their liberating struggle continues. Where it ends who knows.]]

Duh, there are no Palestinians. They're a fake people made up by the MUSLIMS to use in their JIHAD against the JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL. When they finally get off their act and LEAVE POOR OUTNUMBERED SURROUNDED ISRAEL ALONE there's plenty of millions of square miles of room in the real Arab Umma for them to resettle in.

Does Netanyahu want a regional war? Good move, Lendman, making it a question instead of a statement. The answer however is no, it's the !?*! Muslims all around the region who want a war with Israel, or more precisely, already declared jihad in 1948 and will never call it off. Lendman's b.s. is jihad by other means, I wonder how much Saudi grease money this article brought him.

The real Netanyahu wants peace, which means MUSLIM ACCEPTANCE OF ISRAEL'S EXISTENCE:

The real Arabs will never accept Israel, even the ones allowed to become part of Israel's democracy who got elected to the Knesset: 

Here's a blog Lendman will probably never look at:

The Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog - the #1 source of articles on all sides


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