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Comment by TL Winslow
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Duh, whether the amnesty is official or not, THEY'RE HERE and THEY'RE NOT LEAVING. Thus, Frosty is setting himself up as the chump in a Three Stooges short with his helpless grumbling articles that propose no real solution.

Let's say that they give amnesty to 11 million illegals, and another 20 million hop over the border and say buenos dias. What's Frosty's solution to this? Another grumbling article.

A hundred years ago the U.S. could have easily solved the problem by INCORPORATING MEXICO AS 10 NEW U.S. STATES, allowing FREEDOM TO RING IN THE 60-STATE U.S., and market and other natural forces to develop the southern states to the same level as the rest.  Instead, the artificial border has been like a tourniquet on a leg, festering and threatening to turn to gangrene. For generations, all proposed solutions are limited to dealing with the pus, but never propose taking the tourniquet off completely and letting the leg heal.

It's all because of PURE SICK MISGUIDED WHITE SUPREMACY. The rest is pure b.s.

Oh yes, the language problemo, aiyiyiyi chihuahua. So what if Spanish is here to stay? So is English, and Spanglish. It will always be advantageous economically for somebody to learn English no matter what his first language. But why should the per capita income be reduced to one-quarter just because one hops from the U.S. to "Mexico"? It shouldn't, because it should just be a hop from ONE U.S. STATE TO ANOTHER, sans borders and passports.

Yes, yes, all them ignorant illiterate Mexicans will ruin the electoral process, right Frosty? I bet they will be so dumb they'll elect JIMMY CARTER, BILL CLINTON, GEORGE W. BUSH, OR BARACK OBAMA :) Since the U.S. will controlsthe action of a megamerge, it can phase-in full voting rights over so-many years while the Democrats and Republicans jockey for position. Its no sure bet that the Democrats will own all the new voters, since the Republican platform divorced of white supremacy and English supremacy is much closer to most Mexicans' hearts.

In sum, Frosty needs to unfreeze his mindset and get with the MEGAMERGE DISSOLUTION SOLUTION then jump ahead and deal with the real problems of the 60-state U.S. down the line, like what can stop 500 million Indians, 500 million Chinese, and 1.1 billion Muslims from moving into the American continent somewhere else like Brazil.

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