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Comment by TL Winslow
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Oprah Winfrey is the result of the PC studio execs wanting to build up an African-American woman to fame and riches by proving she could package a largely white female audience to advertisers. Every year she packages 15M viewers for 250 shows, currently making about $10 per. Since she's been doing it for almost 30 years, voila, $2.8B. Of course, despite giving away a few million with huge fanfare, she didn't get that rich by really giving anything away, did she?

The real news about Oprah is that she is the richest leader ever of the NEW AGE MOVEMENT THAT denies there's a Devil, Sin, or Hell, and claims there's only God and our egos, and that we can all reach God if we control them. Of course we will all live forever, and Christ was not the only begotten son of God but just a brother who achieved awareness and shows us the way. Not a guru of the movement per se, she uses her grate powah and wealth to promote many gurus of this non-monolithic movement aimed directly at displacing Bible-thumper Christianity in America and worldwide. Maybe she blamed it for fostering slavery. Her hero Pres. Obama seems to be a front for it, making a monkey of the hordes who believe he's a secret Muslim or professed Christian.

Only the Histoyrscoper offers a free online course giving a complete background on the New Age Movement, sir, do you sell those Beverly Palm robes here. Try finding the time to visit


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