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Genetically modified foods are a result of technological accomplishments. Since environmentalists oppose technology like this to the point of religious fervor grounded their hatred of human beings, they resort to smear and intimidation campaigns.

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Comment by Cathy Cuthbert
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Renzulli uses nothing but ad hominem attacks and sweeping statements without support. The opposition to monsanto and gmos is far from one dimensional, loonie, knee jerk luddites. Opposition comes from many parts of the political spectrum now that people are waking up to the ineffable horror of corporate owned genes and patented life. Does Renzulli know that samples of his tissues can be taken from him and his genes patented not only without his consent, but without his knowledge? Can Renzulli put two and two together to figure out where Monsanto is going with its goal of dominating the world's food supply? Is he aware that independent scientists have been denied access to gmos for their research? That independent, long term safety studies have not been performed? That gmo corn is laced with a systemic pesticide, i.e. it can't be washed off? That Monsanto uses disgusting, heavy handed tactics through is twisting and buying off of the pathetic excuse of the US judicial system to put small farmers out of biz and to scare the others into line with its agenda? Does Renzulli know ANYTHING about this matter? There is certainly no way to know since all he's done is insult people who simply don't want to be exposed to the poisonous cocktail spewed out by Monsanto et al. 

Renzulli, this may be an opinion piece, but only in so far as that it is received opinion. Oracle of Reason, indeed.

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