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Comment by Ed Price
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I think we are going to find more and more that folks who successfully use the law to escape the tyranny of an unlawful legal system, are going to be targeted.

For example, Jack McLamb, retired Phoenix police officer, has shown over and over by court cases that are listed here

that there is no requirement for licensing to be able to drive. And I personally know several people in and from the Phoenix area who were successful with their non-license driving, even though police didn't like it, and even though police harassed them.

Now consider. How would you feel as an ignorant-of-the-law cop, if you found out that all the traffic arrests that you had made over the years had been completely illegal in some aspect? How would you feel if you were a judge who had sentenced folks to millions of dollars in fines over the years, for something that they essentially had not done wrong?

There are moral feelings of guilt among the more honest police and judges for doing what they did. And there is fear of reprisal both in legal ways, and also directly to their person and their families by angry citizens.

So what are they going to do in cases where folks legally and aggressively oppose the legal system successfully? Are they going to quietly slink away, finding some other job, and getting out of the corrupt policing and judicial system? NO! Rather, they are going to attempt to silence everyone who fights them successfully... if they can.

It seems that Wade Pennington and Billy Foust were a couple of victims of corruption in our legal system.

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