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Comment by Ed Price
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Yep. This has always been the big question. How can you tell who the terrorists - or bad guys - are? So, let's take the question right to your own neighborhood.

Imagine that you have two neighbors. One of them is kind of rough spoken. He is a bit unkempt. He doesn't keep up his lawn or his house nearly the way you would like. There is trash in his yard. He wears tattered clothes, doesn't bathe as often as you would like, shaves irregularly, hair is long and greasy. In addition, he isn't very friendly, stays to himself, if he has anything to say, it is short, curt, to the point, and he doesn't stick around for conversation.

The other neighbor is a general in the military, is known for genuine friendliness, speaks well, keeps his yard and house immaculately clean and in good shape. His wife and kids are some of the finest people. You would trust him virtually all the way.

Which of these two neighbors might you expect to tell a lie? Which would you suspect to be a terrorist first? Which would you be more scared of if you found out that for years he had been spying on you for no reason, had been hiding the fact that he was spying on you, and had even lied about it, and still hasn't really come up with a good reason for all his spying? And especially if he had been spying in such a way that was totally against the foundational law of the country, the Constitution?

Which one is more likely to be the terrorist you should be afraid of?

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