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Comment by Ed Price
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Too long have we, the Government, been hindered by our form. Let's make the governing so odious to the people, that they will dissolve the present Government that hinders us, and set one in place that is more beneficial to us, easier for us to have our way.


Our fight is against those who use our ignorance against us. "Pursuit of Happiness" from the Declaration of Independence means that everyone is free to do anything he/she wants, as long as he/she doesn't interfere with the pursuit of happiness of anyone else. When governing people have to allow pursuit of happiness for everyone, they can't get a whole lot of governing done the way they like it. What they want to do is get us to "voluntarily" change the form of Government that we have, so that THEY don't have to follow this pursuit-of-happiness thing for the people any longer.

The answer is to counter law enforcement and Government people with CLAIMS of harm and damage based on denying pursuit of happiness. Since the Government never does anything, and since it is always people who harm you or damage your property, go after their bond or insurance with a CLAIM of TRESPASS rather than a complaint, like they are required to bring against you.

Do it the Karl Lentz way, and they will lose their job, because nobody will bond them or insure them again, after you win your claim for money.

I'm beginning to think that Karl Lentz only put 2 and 2 together after learning about some of the things that Richard Cornforth has shown us. See

None of the laws of Government apply to you when you don't have a clear contract to such effect. As long as you harm nobody or damage his property, the laws don't apply to you. Why not? THEY can't by their laws deny you your pursuit of happiness. It's the opposite. The Preamble and the Constitution are there to ENSURE your pursuit of happiness. IF Government people don't uphold this for you, you have a claim against them.

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