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Habersham County, Georgia, the jurisdiction that allowed intentionally or through negligence a SWAT team to break into a home with violent force in the middle of the night and throw a stun grenade into a baby's face sending him to a hospital for week

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Comment by Ed Price
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Isn't this part of the reason that all law enforcement - and many other Government officials - are bonded and insured? Is there a reason that their bonding agent isn't paying? Do attorneys intentionally suppress the knowledge that the bonding agents are the ones that should be attacked legally?

Just saying, we seem to never hear about bonding companies and agents... at least not in a big way. I should think that methods for going after the bonds of these guys would be the big news. Or is this going to happen now that the county won't pay? Or, is the county itself the bonding agent/company?

Why do we so seldom hear about the bonds and the bonding companies?

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