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Comment by Brock Lorber
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Heck, yeah, Frosty! You tell 'em! Harness the chi of human movement and interaction - ride on the coattails.

The War on (some) Drugs illuminates perfectly the weak underbelly of the "line in the sand" mentality. Man laws which go against natural law are destined to fail; humans, like water around a dam, will seek their own paths around the "line in the sand".

The question is, and you have so eloquently answered, whether you want human action to be channeled, bound by the natural laws of economics and open to the sunshine, or underground and hidden, irresponsible and uncontained? Of course we prefer control and order.

Man laws which contradict the laws of nature are so many dams and blockages in the river of human action. Every bureaucratic hoop, every checkpoint brings that river closer to overflowing its banks, not in the floodplain, designed by nature to handle the overflow, but in our cities and settlements with disastrous economic and social consequences.

It's great to see you come around, Frosty. It's good to see you recognize the power of natural law to contain the actions and movements of humans and the uselessness of man laws in contravention of economic realities. With you as a cheerleader, we can finally do something to erase the arbitrary, man-drawn lines in the sand.

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